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Important items for assembly

Update for MotorizedMirrorCoverAssby, including latches to hold together: MotorizedMirrorCoverAssby_PartsList_Updated20160812.xls.  See Modification & updates page.

Additional partslist additional_parts_071316.xlsx

Essential items partslist for 2p-RAM - NEW; click this 2p-RAM Parts List (072616).xlsx

The excel spreadsheet contains several sections related to the 2-photon microscope (all accessory stuff, such as wide-field imaging, optogenetics, et) is under accessory partslist, below.

Core instrument.

You should have ordered items 2-6 (long lead-time itmes from Thorlabs and Jenoptik).

Order quantities as indicated in the spreadsheet (sometimes these diverge from the quantities indicated in the quotes)

To get discounts these items should be ordered by the end of April. Please try to get the orders in as soon as you can.

Refer to these quotes (please let us know if something does not seem right!

WhatCompanyQuoteFor discount
Custom 2p-RAM opticsJenoptikJENOPTIKS - Q15633 Rev B HHMI.PDFLong lead-time
Custom gantry microscope mechanicsThorlabsTHORLABS - Quote 10004.pdfLong lead-time
Various 2p-RAM partsThorlabsThorlabs Quote 10009 Mesoscope parts 3.18.16.pdfOrder by 4/30
Scanners and accessoriesCambridge TechnologiesCambridge Technologies 1 System Qu031816rhCRS1262406231HP.pdfOrder by 4/30
Primary dichroicAlluxaALLUXA - Q210-3158 rev2 - Alluxa -HHMI, 750 SP Dichroic GDD, 1-21-2016.pdfOrder by 4/30
Dichroics and filtersSemrockSemrock Update Quote 26788 HHMI 3.17.16.pdfOrder by 4/30
Custom lensBrighten opticsBRIGHTEN OPTICS - Quotation Q20160127HHMIrev1.pdfOrder by 4/30
Custom condensor lensIRD - e-mail quote

RE IRD Glass Quote to Janelia for P N J002981B.pdf

Order by 4/30
PMTsHamamatsuHAMAMATSU - H11706P-40 SEL (Example for HHMI).pdf 
Prism pair compressorPLXPLX - Quote 17365.pdfOrder by 4/30
Custom optomechanicsUnique

Unique Fabrication - Quote blank # 172.docUnique

Fabrication - Quote blank # 172-2.doc

Unique Fabrication - Quote blank # 172-3.doc

Unique Fabrication Quote blank # 175.doc

Order by 4/30
Custom optomechanicsZera

Zera Quote 1804 revised.pdf

Zera Quote 1720 revision 3 3.17.16.pdf

Order by 4/30
Custom optomechanics5th axis5th Axis - Quote 16638 RFQ.pdfOrder by 4/30
Custom optomechanicsDe PeriniDePerini Updated Quote Core Microscope 03171105 HHMI 3.17.16.pdfOrder by 4/30
OptomechanicsNewportNewport Quote QTE00008655-02 (002) 3.17.16.pdfOrder by 4/30
Dispersing PrismPrecision OpticalPrecision_Optical_Dispersing_Prism.pdfOrder by 4/30
LFA Mount Top & Bottom, Hard Stop for StageZeraZera Quote 1894 (002).pdfOrder by 7/31
Voice Coil/StageEquipment SolutionsHHMI_Affilliate_7a16.pdfOrder by 7/26
Accessory HolderUnique ToolsWill need to obtain individual quotes; send drawing with request: J005700A.pdfOrder by 7/31


JRC supplied parts. This are parts are manufactured at Janelia. You will be billed for them.

User supplied parts. Get what you don't already have. You will need Pockels cells, shutters, some table topics, diagnostic hardware. You need to power the PMTs and also signal condition properly. We provided some commercial and home-built solutions.

Also, it will be hard to run the scope without the ScanImage 2016 bundle. Contact Bruce Kimmel <> about ScanImage.

Standard hardware. This refers to standard mounting hardware (screws, nuts etc; the list is non-exhaustive).

Accessory partslist - NEW - 2p-RAM Accessory Optics Parts List.xlsx 

This partslist includes useful items for wide-field imaging, laser scanning photostimulation (optogenetics), and features to align the imaging window to the microscope beam axis.

More information here.

Unless you have your own solutions in mind you will likely want to get the wide-field imaging and alignment stuff.

CoverDeperiniDeperini Updated Quote Accessory Optical System 03180955 HHMI.pdf 
CoverZeraZera Quote 1809.pdf 
Microscopy cubeZeraZera Quote 1824.pdf 
CameraPoint greyPOINT GREY - HHMI - Quote (20005017).pdfFor wide-field imaging
Custom adaptersDysingerDysinger Quote 10263R.pdf 
Scan mirrors and driversCambridge TechnologiesCambridgeTech_QU160330gt HHMI 6SD10996.pdfFor laser scanning photostimulation

PMT Shutters Modification

This modification allows the addition of shutters to each PMT channel, placed right in front of the PMT.  They have a ~10 ms opening transit time, and should block very little detection light while open (not more than a percent or two). 

Shutter and driver purchase quote: This quote is for the uni-stable (normally closed) shutter.  This may no longer be available, except with a minimum qty order (recent change announced on Vincent website).  If so, we think that the bistable version (NS25B1T0L-VED) should fit OK and work fine.  It might actually open faster, so may be preferrable overall.

Modification instructions: The asphere lens can be removed from the Thorlabs lens tube mount and mounted in the new part.  Once the shutter is mounted, the wires will need to be soldered to the connector provided with the VED24 driver.  Shutter driver settings note:

The settings for an NS25S type shutter operating with a VED24 driver are as follows, for the ‘Function Switches’ and ‘Pulse Duration’: Switch 1 = Up, Switch 2 = Down, Switch 3 = Down, Switch 4 = Up, & Pulse Duration = 4   [[[Switch 1 = LOCAL (‘REMOTE’ is down), Switch 2 = 18VDC, Switch 3 = Uni-stable Mode, Switch 4 = Pulse Set 1, & Pulse Duration = 20msec]]]

DWFX model.

Shop drawings for new part and two part modifications.

Wire cap fabrication files: Use silicone, tape, or make nice wire caps using rapid prototyping method of choice.  Included are STEP file, STL file (for 3d printing), or DXF file (for laser-cut acrylic).





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