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Notice! The following pages are out of date.  MIMMS shared designs are currently available at Flintbox, with registration at that site.  The MIMMS microscope has also undergone continual revisions by other members of Janelia's Instrument Design and Fabrication department since the content below was posted.  Some of these revisions (mostly made by Vasily Goncharov) are available in the designs shared at Flintbox.  Designs for support electronics (such as the PMT Controller or PMT Preamps) are also available at Flintbox.



This site contains designs and documentation for some custom-built, two-photon laser scanning microscopes (TPLSM) that have been designed and used at the Janelia Farm Research Campus (JFRC) and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL). The initial users and supporters of these designs were Karel Svoboda and members of his lab group. Additional user/supporters are noted below. Unless otherwise noted, shared designs were made by Dan Flickinger within the Instrument Design and Fabrication service group at JFRC, with critical suggestions and feedback from JFRC users. Designs are compatible with and primarily used with the open-source ScanImage laser scanning microscope software.


Designs shared on this site are offered under one of two specific terms-of-use agreements. See specific terms posted next to download areas for each separate microscope system.