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ItemFor examplePurpose
UV optical adhesiveNorland Optical adhesiveGluing optics
UV lightThorlabs CS2010Curing UV adhesive
Lens bondType EK-93 kitGluing optics
5 minute epoxyHardman Double/BubbleGeneral fastening
Lint dust removersFisher 'Air it'Remove dust from optics before assembly
Allen wrenches metric General assembly
Assorted tools  
Allen wrenches english General assembly
Extra long 3/16 allen wrench Attaching resonant holder to breadboard
Assorted 1/4 20 socket screw kit  
Assorted metric socket screws  
2xVicePanavice 301Assembly
Digital multimeter  
IR viewer  
IR cards (2x)Thorlabs VRC4Alignement of optics
Magnetic safety screen / aligner (2x)Thorlabs TPSM1Alignement of optics / safety
2x 10-24 1/2" screws  
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