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Intro materials

eLife paper

Sofroniew, Flickinger et al eLife 2016

Workshop presentation


CAD Models 

STEP file for whole assembly. Not currently fully updated, but pretty close to "workshop version".  The voicecoil shown is not the one shown in the workshop.  Internals of custom optical assemblies have been removed (optical design is available on separate page):

DWFX files

You can view the files in the Autodesk free viewer

Understanding and interpreting the models is critical for building. 


2p-RAM full model with gantry and accessory optics



2p-RAM without gantry, with accessory optics


2p-RAM without gantry and accessory optics



Prism pulse compressor – on optical table



Mounting the resonant mirror - including alignment jig




Objective holder



Updated motorized mirror cover assembly model, with latches to hold together.  See Modifications & Updates page.



Holder to attach slides or other optics to imaging objective, pre-aligned


2p-RAM main optical path


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  1. Is there a way to place these models into an Autodesk Inventor assembly? It appears that the dwfx format only allows viewing in the web viewer or Autodesk Design Review. It would be great to have models that can be used in Inventor assemblies to plan the table layout.

    (I'm Matthias Minderer, using Chris Harvey's account.)

  2. Unknown User (sofroniewn)

    Hi Matthias

    We can try and zip up all the inventor files, they will be quite large (maybe 5 GB) so probably best to put a dropbox link up here. How does that sound? We'll let you know when we have it done



    1. Sounds great! Thanks a lot!

  3. Nick,

    Did you guys ever put together that Dropbox link?  Was wondering the same thing.


    (Jeff Markowitz using Bernardo Sabatini's account).

  4. Anonymous

    Same question as Jeff Markowitz above.... does a step model or other useful 3d CAD exist somewhere?  Working with Jerome Lecoq to integrate our behavior setup into this and usable CAD files are needed




    David Sullivan

    Allen Institute


  5. I have posted a STEP file of the whole assembly.  See dropbox link above.

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