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QCamMex is a C-language interface to QCam drivers that are exposed for users to control all QImaging CCD cameras. This provides an alternative to the QCapture Suite provided by the QIMAGING.

The preferred method of acquiring QCAM (in binary form) is as a part of Ephus, but it can also be downloaded independently below.

The runtime requires QCam Driver.

Release History

Release Notes

Release Date


Source/Dev Kit



QCamMex R0.2 - beta


Copy Me

Beta release of QCAM R0.2

How to Install:
  1. Download (from table above) and install (link provided above)

    QCam Driver.
  2. Install

    QCam Driver.
  3. Create a new folder, QCam, in ...\svobodalab\Programs and unzip to the folder ...\svobodalab\Programs\QCam, 
  4. Run startQCam in Matlab.
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