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QCam is a program for for image acquisition with Qimaging ccds. QCam is written in C with a QCam can be used as a stand-alone application or can be naturalyl integrated into 'Ephus'.



Firewire Qimaging camera

For hardware triggering a Qimaging ## board is required

Software installation

Requires Matlab 2007a or better
#Download (from table above) and dependencies QCam_SDK and QCam Driver.
#Install QCam SDK (The password to the SDK is 'easy imaging' without quotes) and QCam Driver.
#Create a new folder, QCam, in ...\svobodalab\Programs and unzip to the folder ...\svobodalab\Programs\QCam,
#Run startQCam on the Matlab prompt.

Running QCam as a standalone application

Exposure - sets the exposure time in milliseconds
Temporal averaging – number of frames to be averaged
Spatial bin factor – number of pixels to be binned
Preview - previews images without saving
Snapshot - acquires one image into memory; can be saved as a TIF file
Start - stream to disk if 'Record to disk' is checked

Online display
Update rate – the refresh rate oof the display (NOTE: may have to keep this to 8 Hz while the Ephus scope is running)
Look-up table - self-explanatory

Running QCam within Ephus

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