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Some National Instruments products used by ScanImage users:

RTSI Pinout

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  1. [I am relaying information from Vijay here, my free interpretation]

    An S series board should be used as the primary board. The board tested and benchmarked in the article (2003) is NI PCI-6110, a 12-Bit, 5 MS/s/channel DAQ board. This is a PCI-card and supports the rates need for input digitiazation (1.25MHz).

    ScanImage 3.7 can also use X series cards (e.g. PCIe-6321 or 6323) with DAQmx 9.2.2. ( These PCIexpress cards can be used as the optional second board for Pockels cell control and/or to have full frame/line/pixel clock features.

    possible faster and more expensive alternative for the main card?

  2. Is PCIe-6361 the card that can do it all?

    • 16 analog inputs, 2 MS/s 1-channel, 1 MS/s multichannel; 16-bit resolution, ±10 V
    • Two analog outputs, 2.86 MS/s, 16-bit resolution, ±10 V
    • 24 digital I/O lines (8 hardware-timed up to 10 MHz)
    • Four 32-bit counter/timers for PWM, encoder, frequency, event counting, and more
    • Analog and digital triggering and advanced timing with NI-STC3 technology
    • Support for Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000

    According to, this card could output 2 channels at 2MS/s each and sample a single channel at 2MS/s, and multichannel at aggregate 1MS/s.