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Hardware Vendors

ScanImage and Ephus support a wide-range of commercial and customized hardware used in neurophysiology laboratories:

[Cambridge Technology]  [National Instruments]  [nPoint]  [Physik Instrumente]   [Scientifica]  [Sutter Instrument]   [Thorlabs]


Dabs is a MATLAB package of hardware adapter classes, making device capabilities available within MATLAB. ScanImage releases use and include the current version of Dabs.

(tick) Some users may find Dabs capabilities for device control within MATLAB scripts useful in and of itself
(warning) Dabs interfaces are provided as-is. Their distribution/maintenance is secondary to ScanImage/Ephus. However any issues encountered should be reported!
(info) Ephus makes use of two earlier-style MATLAB device interfaces: NiMex and QCamMex.

JFRC In Vivo Microscope Designs

ScanImage is used at Janelia Farm with custom microscope designs for in vivo applications. The designs are available as-is for interested users.

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