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What are the best ways to read ScanImage-generated TIF files?

For quick-and-dirty viewing of files, ScanImage-generated TIF files can be read using ImageJ.

For more scripted analysis of TIF files, ScanImage includes the scim_openTif utility function. This function can be called using the syntax:

>> h = scim_openTif(filename,_optargs_) 
>> [h,A] = scim_openTif(filename,_optargs_)
  • h is a structure array containing the image header information (metadata)stored in the TIF file's Image Description. The array contains one element per frame saved in the TIF file.
  • A is the image data, returned by default as a cell array of 3-dimensional arrays, one per channel.
  • The optargs allow numerous options to be specified. These are described in the utility's documentation, allowing things like selecting particular frames, slices, channels and even the generation of new image/movie files.

When using the former syntax, only the image header is returned (much more quickly than retrieving image data from file).

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