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  • Changes from v1.0.0 to v1.0.2
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  • improved FFMPEG support
    • more video formats supported
    • newer version of FFMPEG used on windows and 64-bit support added
  • changed how whiskers were ordered to better support videos imaging both sides
    of a mouse's face.
  • added a special heuristic classifier for tracking single whiskers
  • added a special heuristic classifier adapted for tracking whiskers on both
    sides of a mouse's face.
  • added Matlab mex binaries to support reading and writing of measurements
    files, as well as reading of whiskers files.
  • seeding function used to initially find whiskers is now more efficient
    and provides more accurate estimates of local whisker angle.
  • Improved the installer so python and Matlab functionality is better
  • added another measurements file format that remembers the face position.
    The new format is now the default. A warning may be issued for files
    that use the old format. Run the measurements_convert command to update
    your files, if necessary.
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